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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Road Trip Around the Island

After breakfast we ended up getting a rental car to drive around the island.  We drove around the southern tip, it was gorgeous. There is such a difference between the resort area and the rest of the island.  There are a few really nice houses, but for the most part a lot of them are rundown or made with corrugated tin.  We came back around 1:30pm and claimed our cabana on the beach (a round seat that has a visor), swam in the ocean and tanned.  I ended up falling asleep on the chair :) got a pretty nice tan too!

Soon after, we got cleaned up and went to the Royal Beach Club lounge for happy hour and watched the sunset through the huge windows.  The concierge James Hawethorne let us and a few other people into the Presidential Suite. He gave us a tour of some of the executive suites and checked to see if we could be upgraded (unfortunately we couldn't).  There was dinner and a Polynesian dance show going on at 7:30 that we wanted to see, so we hurried down to get a table.  We enjoyed a very Korean style bbq dinner and the dancing was amazing! There were three women and a man dancing, which later turned into two men because one came out dancing with fire and the end, and a drummer with a ukulele player. Toward the end of the show they picked people out of the audience to dance and they picked me and some adorable kids.  So much fun!

We wanted to find some nightlife after the all you can drink Miller light night, so we went downstairs for a drink and headed out.  We made a round through the downtown area and oh my god are there a lot of strip clubs! We walked through the Hyatt and walked on the beach back.  We had to walk though the water for part of it because the coral made the beach hurtful to walk on.  We ended up talking to a guy who worked at our hotel and went to Globe.  It was all you can drink until midnight and we got our fill of cheap vodka! Good thing it was only down the street from our hotel.  The DJ had two live drummers playing with them.  The music was good and I had a great time dancing.  I could tell Geoff wasn't feeling it anymore, so we left to this bar with a local band playing.  I met Royce the bass player who was from Guam, but lived in SF for awhile.  The band was great and one of the lead guitarists/singers sounded like the lead singer from Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder. What a great night!

When I woke up this morning it was already 10:30! We missed breakfast so we ate downstairs at Taste. It was a brunch buffet with unlimited Rose champagne and a chocolate fountain. Yummy!

We jumped into the car to check out the north side of the island.  This time I didn't forget my camera, but I didn't wear my bathing suit. (It had been the other way around on our last excursion). We went up to the point when there was a beautiful nature preserve. We walked through this jungle-ish trail to get to a beautiful beach.  There were locals laying out and I was jealous of Geoff because he was able to jump in! I found a pretty piece of coral and a shell that I pocketed.
On our way back to the car we noticed there were hundreds of black butterflies in  the trees.  I tried to take some pictures, but I don't think it'll do it justice.  Then we decided to take the random turnoff for a good 30 minutes down a jungle-ish dirt road.  It was beautiful.

We had to turn around and made it to Two Lovers Point.

The legend its that a woman Chamorro was arranged to marry a Spaniard, but she loved a man from the village. They were caught trying to runaway together, so they tried to run. They made it to a cliff and tied their hair together and jumped off so they'd never have to be separated.  So sad, but the view was fantastic.

As soon as we got back to the hotel, I jumped into my suit and ran to the beach. I've been here ever since.  Now I'm sitting with a pretty drink watching the sunset on Guam.

Geoff set up dinner reservations at the Bistro at the Pacific Island Club.  We got ready, had a drink in the loung before meeting the PIC car downstairs.  The food was good, but the need to work on training their staff.  We had trouble returning a bottle of wine and finding our the kind of cheese they served us.  I had to send my sea breach back because it had crab on it.  So sad! We caught a cab back to the hotel so we could run to K-Mart, pack and return the rental car in time for our flight. Chocolate chips are hard to come by in Korea!

Such an amazing trip :)

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